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March 2015 - Ambient heroes coming back!
Old rememberings came to my mind and MIXMASTER MORRIS played live at Boiler Room and i loved it.
So, therefore inannia is laying back and enjoying the spring time with wonderful music.
About all you can do in life is be who you are!

January 2015 - Journey to the past
Wow, KRAFTWERK was in Berlin! A dream came true.
Back to the past with music, say it with balearic and disco. inannia will play at
byte.fm Radioshow on January, 17 at midnight.
Come as you are!

December 2014 - End of a period
I did an balearic summer disco mix »» for me, because wintertime is so boring when no snow is here!
Two album release concerts with NO ACCIDENT IN PARADISE will take place in December.
Saturday 6 Dec at Therme, Bad Schandau and Sunday 21. Dec. at Kassablanca, Jena
See you there!

October & November 2014 - Thinking forward
Our upcoming NO ACCIDENT IN PARADISE album "Asymetria" will be
released on Nov. 21, 2014 on Freude am Tanzen.
Moreover i will play on Nov. 11 at Glashaus Jena after an exciting musician
called Lee Noble from US and on Nov. 24 with VON SPAR
to support their tour at Cafe Wagner Jena. See u!
... and R.I.P. Mark Bell - in loving memory †

August 2014 - So many activities.
Together with Foolong, Inannia play on Sat 9 Aug an intensive Bossa & House set at Strand 22 in Jena.
More silence please, you can listen to my current Sea Orbiter Mix via Soundcloud »».
See you here or in space.

July 2014 - More Sun!
Holiday on "ice cream"! It's summer and byte.fm strikes back!
Inannia play an electric nightflight radioshow set at Friday July 25, 2014 at midnight on www.byte.fm.
Our next FONIA guest Stachy will give an introduction to polish jazz at FONIA Radio on Friday August 1, 2014 from 8 pm
live from the nature outside in Royce Town!

June 2014 - Sun!
Be happy! Every year the same procedure. Clé and Ewan Pearson will play at Strand 22 on Sunday June 8, 2014
Inannia play the warm-up from 3 pm. Thanks to Carlos!
And we are happy to present Monkey Maffia, he wanna play live at FONIA Radio on Friday June 6, 2014 from 8 pm!

May 2014 - To the ground
Inannia will play loops and bleeps as support for the great band DAWN OF MIDI on Tuesday May 13, 2014
at Cafe Wagner Jena. Thanks to Stefan!
... and looking for some space to create music and paint some pictures.

March 2014 - New Time
Back from the other side of the world and keeping the truth inside sound.
Inannia & Foolong presents Fonia Radioshow on Friday 07. March from 8-10 pm with
Schmeichel from the neighbourhood Erfurt City.
Back to Electronics – Inannia will play a special cosmic electronica set
on Saturday 05. April at Liquidsoundclub Bad Sulza

November 2013 - Sabbatical Time
Fonia Radioshow will be presented by Inannia & Foolong with a special guest from Berlin:
Figub Brazlevič live + interview on Friday 01 Nov. from 8-10 pm at Radio OKJ.
... and please listen to Global Communication »» one of my favourite music influence from England.
At the end of 2013 Inannia will go to another world. From Argentina to Chile.
Chill out & come back to a better world!

August 2013 - Summer peak
Under the observation of the swan Foolong & Inannia will play the finest in sunmusic
at Strand 22 on Sunday 18. August from 3-7 pm. The set will be recorded for the Fonia radioshow »».
Come down & enjoy!

May/June 2013 - Life is now
Time to say hello to the music summer
Listen to my current "Laid Back Mix" recorded in May at Liquidsoundclub Bad Sulza »»
At Friday 28.06. 10 pm i played a special dj soulflight set at Planetarium Jena

April 2013 - Out of space
Time to lay back and dive in another world.
I will play an 3 hour dj set on Sat. 4th May, 9 pm, at Liquidsoundclub Bad Sulza »»
After that you can come & relax some hours at Strand 22 »» on Sunday afternoon 5th May, after hour with inannia

February 2013 - Back to friends
Some friends of mine release excellent mixes as well Loscil did a Rainbow Mix for Drift Ashore »»
following by Less timeless DJ set at Liquidsoundclub »»

January 2013 - Back to life
Inannia & Foolong's Fonia Radioshow with special guest Oliver Goldt talking and drinking on decks »»

December 2012 - End of the year
Some gigs outside and inside of buildings in cold winter, first on Dec. 02, at 4 pm Schneebrettbar Jena »»
followed by our FONIA radio show with Foolong and Xolisa from Canada »»
and last on Dec. 23, all night Ambient during people will play some board games at the small Kassaturm Jena »»

November 2012 - Back to the roots
Inannia is really happy to play as support for Apparat & Band + Shrubbn live at the homebase Kassablanca Jena »».
Come in and find out at Wed. 07 Nov, the show starts at 8 pm

October 2012 - Back to radio
A live radio show full with Jazz & Breaks by Foolong from Taiwan & Inannia at Radio OKJ in Jena.
Tune in at Friday, 05 OCT from 8 pm until 10 pm. We will broadcast an exclusive Ian Simmonds interview »»

April 2012 - Back to paradise
The season begins in Jena-City. i will play at Sunday afternoon at best time »»

January 2012 - Muchas Gracias
No Accident in Paradise produced a track "Kmos" exclusively for the Muchas FATcias compilation »»

December 2011 - Back to the underground
I'm really happy to play a very long ambient set at a secret place in Jena-City »»
Downstairs Kassem Mosse and the Jena Bachstreet Techno Boys going to play for lost souls.

August 2011 - Lost in water
I played a 3 hour ambient set at the Thermae in Bad Sulza, Germany.
Now you can relax at your home without water, drifting away »»

June 2011 - A lot of DJ activities
I say "Thanks" for several "playing music" invitations at Strand 22 in Jena.
Come on Sat 17th July, Acid Pauli will be there at Ufer Floor »»

April 2011 - Exit9
Inannia with No Accident in Paradise for FAT5zig »»

November 2010 - Silent Season
At the moment i like all the stuff from »»

October 2010 - Clear Night in Saxonia
I played 2 hours ambient from the past surrounded by dark forest near the Czech border »»

February 2010 - Fullmoon Night in Thuringia
Olmar played at the thermae and inannia created soundscapes before and after the show »»

December 2009 - A friendly mix
It's winter, low temperature in town, doing a selection for friends,
here is inannia's "so far to home mix" behind the 10th door »»

August 2009 - A little interview
Sometimes it's hard to tell something about his own music.
For "risikogruppe" i have answered some questions in german »»

new release *

I am happy to present you our new release with my band project
The album ASYMETRIA (CD/DIGITAL) is out now at Freude am Tanzen.

inannia dj dates *

03.04.2015 – 8-10 pm – FONIA Radioshow, 103.4 Radio OKJ, Jena
08.05.2015 – w/ NAIP – 0-midnight – Solid Rotation Radio Lotte, Weimar
11.07.2015 – w/ NAIP – 7-11 pm – Strand 22, Jena
07.11.2015 – w/ NAIP – 9 pm – Therme, Bad Schandau
05.12.2015 – 9 pm – Therme, Bad Sulza

my favourite music at the time *

Sensate Focus - Deviation Heat-treated (PAN)
Cristian Vogel - Polyphonic Beings (Shitkatapult)
Dream 2 Science ‎– Dream 2 Science (Rush Hour)
I.M.S. - Run Away / Nonline (Bellaphon)
Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter - Reflections Of Nothingness (Mule)
Alec Empire - Low on Ice - Rerelease
Iasos - Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero)
Kraftwerk - Ralf und Florian (No Label)

my favourite music clip at the time *

inannia dj mixes *

12/2014 - inannia - In search of Balearic Disco (mp3) »»
08/2014 - inannia - Sea Orbiter Mix @ Thermae Bad Schandau (mp3) »»
04/2014 - inannia - Swim & Travel Mix @ Thermae Bad Sulza (mp3) »»
05/2013 - inannia - Liquid Sound Laid Back Mix @ Thermae Bad Sulza (mixcloud) »»
05/2012 - inannia - Liquid Sound Underwater Escapades Mix @ Thermae Bad Sulza (mp3) »»
07/2011 - inannia - A beautiful Day at Spacejazzdiscoteca @ Strand 22 Jena (mp3) »»
10/2010 - inannia - Liquid Sound Autumn Mix @ Thermae Bad Schandau (mp3) »»
07/2009 - inannia - inicial Electronix Mix for byte.fm (mp3) »»
* thanks to byte.fm

inannia with NO ACCIDENT IN PARADISE ambient sound system*

features Live Jambient Sessions with
[micro:form] alias Stachy, Albrecht Ziepert & live visuals by Robert Seidel »»

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